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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to our commonly asked questions

01 What are the four (4) ingredients in Sanissimo® Salmas?

The four (4) ingredients in Sanissimo® Salmas are: Whole Grain Corn Flour (97%), Salt, Hydrated Lime (to provide you with great flavour) and Tocopherols (a plant sourced ingredient to maintain crispiness).

02 Are there any artificial flavours or colours in Sanissimo® Salmas

No, Sanissimo® Salmas do not contain any artificial flavours or colours. Baking a simple healthy product for Sanissimo® involves only wholesome ingredients.

03 What is gluten?

Gluten refers to proteins that are found in wheat endosperm. It is responsible for the elasticity of dough, which helps baked goods bind together. Healthy Grains Institute - The Gluten-Free Diet

04 Are Sanissimo® Salmas Gluten Free?

Yes, Sanissimo® Salmas are verified Gluten Free by a third party called National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The NSF mark is your assurance that Sanissimo® Salmas have been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today allowing you to Feel Sanissimo® Good.

05 What does “not a product of genetic engineering” mean?

It means a product is made from ingredients that have not been genetically engineered or modified using bioengineering practices (Non-GMO)

06 Are Sanissimo® Salmas GMO Free?

Yes, Sanissimo® Salmas are made with Non-GMO whole grain corn flour and has been verified from the Non-GMO Project allowing you to Feel Sanissimo® Good. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the Non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified Non-GMO choices. 

07 Where can I find Sanissmo® Salmas nutritional facts?

All our nutritional information can be found directly on our package. We are always changing and improving our products and always recommend that you read the label every time you purchase our crackers for the most current information.

08 How many crackers are in a Sanissmo® Salmas Box?

Each box contains 8 personalized portion packs of 3 crackers with each pack containing only 70 grams and no artificial flavours or colours, allowing you to Feel Sanissimo® Good.

09 How is Sanissimo® helping the environment?

Sanissimo® helps contribute to the environment by manufacturing boxes that are made with 100% recycled fibres, vegetable-based inks and is recyclable, where facilities exist. Our factories are 100% powered by wind farms. A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce electricity. A large wind farm may consist of several hundred individual wind turbines and the land between the turbines may be used for agriculture. Another great reason to Feel Sanissimo® Good.

10 Where can you find Sanissimo® products?

You can find Sanissimo® products at your local grocery store. Look for us in the dips/spreads section or the crackers section. If you are unable to find it at your local grocery store ask the store manager or contact us at 1‑800‑465‑5515.

11 Can you send me coupons?

If you are on Facebook, 'Like' our Sanissimo fan page to participate in special promotions and offers when they are available or browse our coupon/promotional section for current product promotions or coupon offerings. We also encourage our consumers to look for on-shelf coupons as well as in-store specials and weekly features on our products.

12 How do your printable coupons work?

How many times can I print my coupons?.

I’m trying to print my coupons and it won’t work
After you've selected your coupons, click the "Print Coupons" button. If you are still having trouble, you can look for more answers here or contact us for support.

A message says I already printed my coupons but I didn’t.
Don't forget, you get one chance to print your coupons & offers. If something did go wrong, you get one more try. Also, coupons can expire or run out, therefore they might show as unavailable.

I can’t find my coupons. Where are they?
If you see this message: "Sorry, you've already claimed your coupon or it is no longer available," it means that you've printed all your coupons and there are no new coupons available at the moment.

Why can’t I print more than one coupon per offer?
We set a limit so that everyone can enjoy our great offers. If something went wrong when you tried to print the first time, you get one more try.

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